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Anything's possible in 24 hours with a motivated tech team!

on 23 Mar 2011 19:32

Yesterday I attended a board meeting of www.skycannner.com ...

A great flight comparison company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As the day ended, Bon and Craig, two of the best tech guys you'll come across, mentioned the possibility of writing a twitter service which would allow people to See flight prices over twitter. So, the user would tweet : @flyscan Flights from Dublin to new York tomorrow And would get back a link to the full range of airlines and prices : @raynolando ...more

Blog your way to Brand You

on 02 Mar 2011 14:40

OK ... It took me a while (way to long!) to "get" blogs.  They tended to be the rants of people with too much time on their hands IMO.

They were also tedious to set up ... Am I really gonna get a url, do a design, get wordpress (wha?!), join blogger, or host my own site on a server ... nah.

So we added blogs to http://worky.com to make it simple to create, edit, publish etc.