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Founder of several tech ventures over past 20 years. Interested in new dotcom models. Believer in Ireland.

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Mathew Chandler - Learner/Entrepreneur

Mathew Chandler


mel cowan - Managing Director

mel cowan

Managing Director, Mel Cowan Consulting

Nathan Cox - Personal Trainer and Lifeguard

Nathan Cox

Personal Trainer and Lifeguard, Health and Leisure at Hodson Bay, Ireland

Niall Dawson - Software Development Manager

Niall Dawson

Software Development Manager, Worky.com, Ireland

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niall Harbison - Managing Director

niall Harbison

Managing Director, Simply Zesty, Ireland

Niall Murphy - Development Team Lead

Niall Murphy

Development Team Lead, Sage UK (Ltd), Ireland

Niall Rock - Director

Niall Rock

Director, Storage Systems Limited, Ireland

Niamh Ni Mhir - Chief Marketing Officer

Niamh Ni Mhir

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Nichola Bates - Founding Partner

Nichola Bates

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