Ray  Nolan - Software Entrepreneur

Founder at Worky.com



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IT and Technology



Founder of several tech ventures over past 20 years. Interested in new dotcom models. Believer in Ireland.

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Brian Caulfield - Non-executive director

Brian Caulfield

Non-executive director, ezetop, Ireland

bryan clarke - CTO

bryan clarke

CTO, nubie.com, Ireland

Bryan Dignam - Account Director

Bryan Dignam

Account Director, Worky.com, Ireland

Caelen King - CEO

Caelen King

CEO, WhatClinic.com, Ireland

Carl Gaywood - Search Director

Carl Gaywood

Search Director, Forward Internet Group

Carlos Alberto Teixeira - Web Marketing

Carlos Alberto Teixeira

Web Marketing, The European College of Management - ECM

Catherine Gilvarry - Online Marketing

Catherine Gilvarry

Online Marketing, Ireland

Cathy Wilson - VP Talent

Cathy Wilson

VP Talent, Skyscanner

Charles McELEAVY - I.T Consultant  /Development - Apple  Mac Master

Charles McELEAVY

I.T Consultant /Development - Apple Mac Master, metmamedia2020, United Kingdom

Chris Dark - Senior Investment Manager

Chris Dark

Senior Investment Manager, Atomico

chris mccabe - geek

chris mccabe

geek, justni.com, United Kingdom