Ray  Nolan - Software Entrepreneur

Founder at Worky.com



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IT and Technology



Founder of several tech ventures over past 20 years. Interested in new dotcom models. Believer in Ireland.

Ray Nolan is connected with 165 Members

John Melvin - Chief Technical Officer

John Melvin

Chief Technical Officer, Dublin City Council, Ireland

Johnny Walker - founder and systems architect

Johnny Walker

founder and systems architect, Global Diagnostics Ltd, Ireland

John Stokes - Partner

John Stokes

Partner, Real Ventures, Canada

John Wall - Founder / CEO

John Wall

Founder / CEO, Adalgo, Ireland

Jonathan Foley - Managing Director

Jonathan Foley

Managing Director, Ceart Business Services

Jordi Ribo - CEO

Jordi Ribo

CEO, On Viure S.L., Andorra

Kevin Traynor - Founder & CEO

Kevin Traynor

Founder & CEO, SonicAcademy.com

Kevin Traynor - CEO & Founder

Kevin Traynor

CEO & Founder, Sonic Academy

Kraken YU - Director

Kraken YU

Director, Cornerstone International, Ireland

Lauren Fisher - Managing Director

Lauren Fisher

Managing Director, Simply Zest, Ireland

Liam Lowe - CEO

Liam Lowe

CEO, paybymobile, Ireland